My name is Kyle DeMarino and I’m a senior at the University of Delaware and a graduate of Henderson high school in West Chester. At UD I’m involved with Student Conduct appellate board as well as teaching First Year Seminar to a class of over 30 Freshmen. I enjoy teaching and working with people. 

I’ve been playing video games my whole life and Fortnite specifically since February. I also have amateur level experience in Battlefield and League of Legends. Overall, I have a 15% win rate across all game modes this season. For comparison, the popular streamer Ninja has a win rate of 40% overall. I win a lot of games despite not playing very often compared to players with similar win rates. This is due to my strategic style of play.

My service:

My goal is to help you improve by learning fundamentals of the game, how to play advantages, and most importantly how to improve from mistakes! 

My style of play is very conservative. This means that you are gonna be forced to have put in 100+ hours to become the next Pro player. But I can guarantee that if they follow the fundamental lessons of my course, they will be able to use the game to their advantage and see many wins.

The great thing about this game is that the most skilled player doesn’t always win. My style of play is modeled after pro players in tournaments. This style of play will put them consistently in the top 10-20 players left which over time will equal more victories, even if they’re only playing a limited number of games. 

Lesson Plan:

I have broken my lessons down into 6 specific categories:

1. The Fundamentals – Building, high ground, how to rotate the map

2. Fight versus flight – How to know when to be aggressive or passive 

3. How to work well with others – Fortnite is a team game! Players must learn to share and help each other in order to win

4. Prediction – How to predict what opponents will do, it’s not about where the puck is, it’s where it will be!

5. Probability – Fortnite is a game that relies on RNG (random number generation). Understanding basic principles of probability can give you a huge edge over opponents

6. Game mechanics – Accuracy, build battles, skills that can only be learned by practicing

7. Winning the game – How to stay cool, calm, and collected at the end

The sessions will be a mix of gameplay, watching replays, and some PowerPoint to explain certain lessons. The primary part of the tutoring will be playing the game together. 

Learning Outcomes

I can guarantee that if after 4 hours of tutoring, if you do not see a noticeable improvement in gameplay I will give you your money back. I can’t promise that you will be the next Pro YouTube sensation with their gameplay. But I can guarantee that if you are willing to learn and put the time in to improve, they will cultivate skills to not only win in Fortnite, but be able to use their skills on other games/sports as well!