I have 2000 hours in-game and can coach on all active duty maps. I can do it anytime on the weekends and should be about to help you a lot with improving within the game. Outside of teaching maps and tricks on them, I can teach weapons, so spraying and shooting techniques and how to train shooting. I can also help with improving movement mechanics. My rank is MGE on main and gn2 on an alt that I use to play with friends. I’m 16 and have experience in teaching others on how to improve in-game. I also have great game knowledge on the economy in-game while playing. I have knowledge on the pro esports scene in CS:GO. My favourite team is NiP. 

I am an experienced player that can a teach effectively in all fields of the game for anyone looking to improve and have a good time. I live in Auckland so I run on the GMT +12 timezone. Outside of CSGO I enjoy Fortnite and play hockey for real-life sport. I also do rock climbing and mountaineering.