Do YOU want to be the best fortnite player in your friend group!? Let me teach you how to be the best! you will be ably to teach your own friend in a couple days! I’m an expert in building, tactics and shooting. I have a background in PUBG and CSGO, so shooting isn’t a problem. Do you want to get more wins, we can work on that. Do you want to get more kills, we can work on that. Everything is possible. You will be a building/shooting fortnite master. you will be better than everyone you know. Are you up for the challange to be the best in the game.

My name is TheLegend285, or Legend for short. Im 18 years old. I mostly play on the european and east us servers. I would love to teach you in for fortnite and make you a real master. I started in season 1 and have more than 600 of hours in fortnite.

Come and join me and let’s get a VICTORY ROYALE!!!!!