Hey guys!

My name’s Phil and I’m a experienced PUBG player with about 1500 hours in the game. I’m still learning and improving as a PUBG coach, but the esports coaching environment is nothing new for me.

I play this game since beta and have always enjoyed climbing the ladder in all kinds of different modes. I have been top1000 in Europe multiple times and have finished last season (April 2018) ranked #17 in SOLO TPP.

I’m also a member of a competitive team, thus I compete in various leagues and tournaments every couple of days, which will let me share with you some of that competitive experience.

If you feel like you would like to improve in terms of positioning, aim, rotations, overall strategy or anything else, I invite you to try a lesson with me. We will work together on the things you want to get better at, analyze replays, do live games or just discuss anything that’s not clear to you.

I always try to create a positive, friendly atmosphere during the lessons, so please don’t feel stressed about it. I’m sure we can work something out together and help you get that precious chicken dinner!