You want to improve? You are tired of playing squad fill with squeakers and/or people without mic getting downed in Tilted Towers when you marked Salty Springs and haven’t even finished looting your first house?

No problem! I can & will help you!

My name’s puN and I have been playing Fortnite BR since November 17. This past month I have made some huge improvements in my game and I want to share! You can check my stats on the Fortnite tracker network! Important is what i have achieved in the shortrun. 8+ K/D in over 130 Matches. (

I want to share everything I have learned about Fortnite and help players like you to become the next Fortnite God! (Or brag in front of your friends 😉

I only have a few requirements:

  • I will do 2 sessions of 45 Minutes each (will be scheduled for your comfort)

  • You need to have a microphone and headset and be able to hop on discord

  • Speak english, german or italian!

Not a requirement but preferred:

  • Stream! If you can stream to twitch and I could watch your games, that would be perfect and even easier for me to analyze your Pros/Cons

I will try my best to personalize the coaching for your playstyle!