My name is Jayden, otherwise known as A Smart Idiot.

I am a Diamond Mid player on the NA & OCE servers, with way too much time spent in this game.

I currently play on and off to suss out the games changes and adapt. The best trait for someone to have while playing league is adaptability. Those that adapt easier/faster will improve at a much increased rate.

My coaching methods do not involve boosting or playing ranked, i am interested in giving you the power to boost yourself.
I much prefer being able to analyse a replay with you as this will give me time to focus on your gameplay and give me a better overview of how you play/think. I am also best suited to improve you in the mid-lane so as it stands i would ask anyone who isnt a mid main to look around for someone more experienced in their relevant department.

Whether you want to be Serious or Casual with your improvement, i will go at your pace.

Op.gg: http://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=a%20smart%20idiot