I’m Stuart, im playing Overwatch since beta. I’ve played competitive Team Fortress 2 before i swapped to Overwatch. I was playing with semi-pro teams from Europe on 4.2k rank avg. Currently i’m in mid masters team preparing for next season in league.

I’m flex player, I’ve peaked at 4020 (GM) twice (season 2 and 3).
Currently I’m on 3.6-3.7.

Playing mostly hitscan dps, off-tank, and off meta picks like DF, Sombra. I have big knowledge about meta, heroes and comps from watching tournaments and league.

I speak fluent english, and i have my own discord channel. I can help you improve by watching your gameplay, play with you, share advice and even give you homework!! 

I’ve helped few people reach plat/diamond from silver/gold,
and even from plat to masters.

I can get you to silver / gold / plat / diamond rank. (Ask for details)
Im doing placements (10 games). (15$) or 2$ / match.
(in bronze – gold in guarantee 9-1),
if i lose more then 1 i will win 2 games for you after placements.
5$ / 100 SR (in brozne, silver); 7$ (in gold); 10$ (in plat); 15$ (in diamond)
Coaching (duo / vod review): 5$ / per hour.  Monday – Friday 18 – 22 CEST. Weekends (ask for details)

My battletag: Stuart#22932