I have been playing PUBG: Mobile since it launched on the platform. I have Platinum II ranking from playing it only twice a week. Master all three maps, Erangle, Miramir and now Sinok with me. We will play together and I will guide you through the game. Understand how to strategize in solo mode, Duos or lead your Squad to the Sweet Chicken Dinner. Find out the best ways lure enemies into your traps. Learn how to set the right traps. 
Bonus, you can Frag me at last. 
Tip1: Never Frag you team mates, unless you need their 8x Scope or they try to crush you with a vehicle or Frag you first. 
Tip2: When you do Frag the, do it while they are in close proximity to the enemy. Kill two targets with one Arrow (Frag). Nobody uses Arrow unless they are new or making a YouTube video Challenge.